Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Not taking the hump on hump day.

I keep thinking it's time for me to take a break from social media, and then catching myself in it all the time. And it's a nightmare, because there's some stuff I just don't want to know.

The constant barrage of crayzee Kim Davis, and horrendous detail after detail about Syria - if you haven't seen the video of the Hungarian photographer, then don't look for it - and photograph after photograph of smiling barbarians holding up dead animals are beginning to persuade me that the world is full of hate.

This morning, the first thing to to greet me on Facebook was some vacuous looking creature smiling as she held up a dead dove. A dove!
That's right, the universal symbol of love and peace.
And there is this complete idiot, smiling obnoxiously and holding up the body of the life she has taken.

And it's infectious.
Watching this crap I become so full of rage myself, that I dream of a scenario where the Hungarian photographer, and the female dove killer, and the lion murdering dentist from Minnesota, could all be stranded on a desert island, and we all get to watch who survives the longest. And the only rules for this scenario would be overseen by Kim Davis, because we all know how well she upholds the letter of the law.

And it's wrong.
I don't know who said it - I could look it up on the Internet but there's a good chance the answer would be false - but the saying 'Be careful how you choose your enemies, because they are whom you'll become most alike,'  has never been so relevant for me.

I'm not about to spend $50,000 and take my bow and arrow to a safari park, or start shooting pretty birds, or trip over helpless people as they flee from a war zone carrying their infants, but the level of disgust I find myself feeling when I see what these creatures are out there doing,  must be similar to the level of disgust those particular life forms feel for the rest of the world themselves.

So what do I do? Do I just steer clear of all electronics and hope that the situation will just go away? Do I tinker with my news feed, so that all I get are pictures of smiling babies and cats wearing hilarious party costumes? Or do I write a blog and say, I am not like them and I don't believe most of the world is like them either?

I've opted for the last one.


When I don't know what to think about Syria.

When I think find myself thinking about lions.

When I see a photograph of some bimbo holding a dead dove.

And I had tons of links I could've put right there. Tons. because all over the world right now, some people are doing good - no, in fact, great -  things.  Don't forget to turn your attention to them. There are plenty of good people in the world. Plenty!  Just sometimes the ugly ones seem to make the most noise - and seem to be plastered all over social media.


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